How to use the Spoons

Before first use

Put the measuring spoons through the dishwasher or wash them in warm soapy water and dry them thoroughly.


To measure dry ingredients

Fill the spoon to overflowing with the dry ingredient then scrape the excess off with the straight edge of a knife. Don’t shake the spoon to get rid of the excess as this can compact the ingredient and give an incorrect measurement.


To measure liquid ingredients

Pour the liquid into the spoon until it is full. Don’t do this over the bowl that the other ingredients are in just in case you spill some of the liquid over the edge of the measuring spoon.


To measure sticky or thick ingredients

Ingredients like honey or molasses can be difficult to get out of the spoon. To help with this, coat the inside of the spoon with a tiny amount of grease or oil first. Add your sticky ingredient and it will slide out of the spoon easily.


Caring for your measuring spoons

Natizo stainless steel measuring spoons are dishwasher and won’t rust, stain or tarnish. After each use, wash the spoons by hand in soapy water then dry them thoroughly or put them through the dishwasher.




This short step by step video demonstrates the best way to use measuring spoons to accurately measure the main types of cooking ingredients.